How do you make your family happy? That is a good question. Homemakers believe that providing all the conveniences of life is the answer. This means a comfortable environment protected from the elements, a place for leisure and fun (a rec room or garden), a warm and cozy kitchen where cooking is going on all day, and enough room to spread out and be alone.

Not everyone gets their own room or office, because sharing is the essence of family harmony. You can’t have real unity if everyone is isolated, watching their own TV. Eating together is mandatory, but, sadly, it is going by the wayside as a custom. It all comes down to a place of refuge from the harsh, cruel world and a location to chill out after a day with nagging clients or testy friends.

Most people believe that the family is a universal unit in every country and culture. It is the essence of humanity and is sacred to the core. Homeowners try everything they can to make it work. Sometimes, get a bit extended on over-priced houses and luxuries. Some have been known to cut costs by buying cheap appliances.

This reminds me of a friend who told a woeful tale about a leaky toilet in his house that had seen better days. His parents refused to replace it and just kept a towel around the base. Cheap models don’t last long and the innards rust out in no time flat. The moral of the story is spending more on the good stuff will save you a headache later on.

My advice to you is since the toilet is one of the world’s greatest inventions, why not enjoy a really good one that cleans itself, uses little water during flushing and is super sleek and shiny. It has almost become a part of home décor and not just an appliance. Forking over funds for a modern toilet will not be your worst investment. It is the center of attention in most households and having only one can be a crisis for a large family.

It is time to face reality and assess the state of your current facilities. There are gorgeous designs available, although colors are kind of out these days. You can get them in different heights, although the average is probably your best bet if your family members range in size. Yes, the toilet is a marvelous invention and it keeps getting better. So, why keep that old workhorse longer than it cares to stay alive!