We all hope to have a very happy and healthy family. However there are some other factors that can affect
the unity of your home and if you are the family head, then you may need up losing hope in the meaning of
having a family. Both husband and wife are supposed to live together and respect one another as long as they
live. If the family have is not at peace, then definitely there will be a problem with your children.

Family Unity that Definitely Might Work

Life is so worth when embraced in all dimensions. Having said that, you need to be very careful about how
you handle your entire family. Remember the whole family is composed of children father and mother. It’s
like a team which must work together if you are to realize your entire dream. The father is the head of the
team leader and other members also deserve respect. For instance, as team leader, ensure that each and every
member of your family play a role. When all of your family members are involved in something, no one will
ever feel ignored and everyone will be happy thus A happy family

Take a vacation during your holidays

It’s unfortunate that this day’s families have deviated from their primary role and they end up ignoring their
children. This has made children grow up without proper guidance thus leading to bad behaviors. Taking a
family vacation during the holidays can cover all the gaps that existed between your family Members. The
vacation should be in a destination where the kids are going to learn a lot. What is important about this
opportunity is you will only be enjoying your time together and cracking the jokes together. Don’t forget to
take your time and play with your kids because they need this opportunity.

Schedule a family night

Time is very spacious and most of us don’t get to use it effectively as far as our families are concerned. This
is why a family night can be very helpful. Let’s say Friday night is a family night, time to share, time to
laugh and time to discover all the bad and good experience you over encountered over the week. You will
encourage one another and stay together. No TV, no other activity and certainly no one goes away. This how
the family bond is strengthened

Be a prayerful family

There are so many benefits associated with prayers. A family that kneels before the lord are more
advantageous than those that do not take their time to praise him. Knowing what is right depends on
following what the Lord teaches us. When you have a problem, you can always consult your spiritual leader
and have the problem solved.

Tell your children some stories

Having a family is power and at one time or the other, we are always proud to be identified by a certain
family line. People have become too selfish today because they do not know what it relies on takes to value
a family. Children like stores and you have to tell them some that has some teachings and how to live in this
world. Tell them about your family tree so that they can know who you are what they can become when they
commit yourself